St James United Methodist Church, Pasadena


During periods of calm, ancient sea-faring peoples taught their children to watch carefully for ripples on the surface of the sea and subtle wisps of cloud overhead.

Generations of wisdom guided sailors in small-craft to find fish and their own way home by interpreting the signs of movement below the surface and in the heavens. This was also the way of ancient desert-farers, marking safe ancestral trails by reading ripples on the dunes.

Wind and Spirit move alike, and we here at Saint James United Methodist Church in northeast Pasadena, California, have started to notice the movements of the Holy Spirit in our community. And we invite you to help us read the ancient signs, to help us find the way home across the seas and sands of a constantly changing world.

We invite you to a dual journey inward and outward. A journey that follows after the Spirit. A journey prompted by the breath of God moving below the surface and overhead.


Sanctuary & Sacred Spaces: Ripples on the Surface of Sand & Sea

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We are a site-specific Neighborhood ministry located at the corner of East Washington & Pepper Drive in northeastern Pasadena.